Quantum Catapult

Breakthrough Session

Now’s the time for your breakthrough!

Embark on a transformative journey with Rapid Harmony's Quantum Catapult Breakthrough Session,

designed to elevate your identity to its most empowered self.

Dive deep into a Theta state for profound neural re-wiring, clear trapped negative emotions for a clearer reality, and access your Superconscious for ultimate guidance and permanent change. Connect with your future self and an animal spirit guide,

unlocking wisdom to embody a renewed, confident you.


At Rapid Harmony, we pride ourselves on guiding heart-centered entrepreneurs towards self-mastery and profound transformation.

Our signature offering, the Quantum Catapult Breakthrough Session, is a unique and powerful initiation for new clients, designed to elevate their identity to its most confident and empowered form.

1. Theta state of consciousness.

This deeply meditative state is the cornerstone of our transformative process. In this state, the real magic of re-wiring and identity shift takes place.

You're not just imagining change; you're living it at a neural level.

2. Identifying and releasing trapped negative emotions.

These emotions often skew your perception of reality and perpetuate cycles of negativity.

By clearing them, we open pathways for new, positive experiences and insights, setting the foundation for genuine change.

3. Tap into your Superconscious.

This transcendent experience is where you receive your highest guidance and initiate permanent change. It's a moment of profound clarity and connection with your deepest wisdom.

During the session, we embark on a visionary journey to a future timeline, where you meet the most actualized version of yourself.

This encounter isn't just inspirational; it's transformational, offering insights and wisdom you can integrate into your current reality.

Additionally, we facilitate a connection with an animal spirit guide. This guide imparts unique wisdom, empowering you to embody these qualities in your renewed, confident self.

The Quantum Catapult Breakthrough Session isn't just a coaching method; it's a life-altering experience that aligns body, mind, and spirit, propelling you towards your greatest potential.

This has been described by clients as 5 years of therapy in two hours.

You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. It is the culmination of the 10 most powerful modalities in existence condensed down into 120 mins.

Ready for deep liberation?

An upgrade in your software and Jedi level confidence?

Join me for what could be the most transformational session of your life.

Welcome to a journey of transformation, confidence, and self-trust.

Make 2024 The Breakthrough Year For Your Body, Your Business, and Your Life.

Investment: $999

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Not Just Clients - Raving Fans

“In our first session, Kyle broke through my barriers and self limiting beliefs on what was possible and got me to think bigger and started the process of training like a world class athlete.”

— Chris Koomey

COO of ThorBen Consulting

“Kyle Brown guided me through a release and shortly after I decided to simply surrender to listening to what my body wanted.”

— Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser

Aka The Royal Shaman

“Kyle’s system will teach you how to find balance amongst the chaos, so you can always bounce back to your best body.”

— Carmella DeCesare

Playboy Playmate of the Year 2004, model, mother of 4 amazing kids!